Relaxer cream Regular to straighten curly and frizzy hair.
The silicone and keratin in this product provide for improved protection and nourishment of the hair during the process of straighten the hair.
The conditioning effect makes the hair smooth and silky and gives it shine.

Available in 8 oz (225 gr) and 16 oz (450 gr)

Directions: Apply a lubricant to hair line and nape. Divide the hair in four or more sections. Start the application from the nape to the forehead without touching the scalp. If hair has been previously relaxed, apply to new growth only.

Timing Guide:
Coarse Texture 18-20 minutes
Medium Texture 15-18 minutes

Important: After relaxing you must wash the hair with a neutralizing shampoo!
Only rinse the hair or washing with a normal shampoo is not enough. The neutralizing shampoo stops the process of the relaxer so the hair does not get damaged.
The neutralizing shampoo also brings the hair back to a normal pH value.

Warning: Wear gloves during application.
Do not use on bleached hair or irritated scalp.
Upon contact with the eyes clean immediately with water.

Tip: For added protection for your scalp while relaxing, you can rub your scalp with a thin layer of petroleum jelly (vaseline).

Relaxer Super