Silicon Mix Semi-permanent hair color

Silicon Mix Semi-permanent hair color nourishes, conditions and adds shine to the hair. Contains bamboo extract, vitamins and silicone
Contains 100% no peroxide, no ammonia and no alcohol.
Semi-permanent colors are a temporary way to add color to hair.
In comparison with a permanent color or bleaching, this is a much softer treatment for the hair, because it does not contain a peroxide, or ammonia, which makes it much safer for dry or damaged hair than permanent hair coloring.
Semi-permanent color does not penetrate the hair cuticle, like a permanent hair coloring does, so it will disappear within several weeks.
To create a specific color you can mix the colors without any problem with each other, the possibilities are endless!
The result after the use of the coloring will depend on the initial hair color and the degree of porosity of the hair and, therefore, varies from person to person, and from hair to hair.